Should you ever encounter a problem with your website and be incapable of handling it on your own, ask the respective hosting company’s customer care team to help you bring the website back online. A speedy solution would be the perfect scenario, but a lot of companies answer within 24 hours or even more, all the more so if you’re dealing with a hosting reseller. Even if your problem can be quickly sorted out, your site may not function properly or may not be reachable whatsoever for a longer time period, so you may lose potential customers since it’s rather unlikely that anybody will be eager to come back to a website that’s faulty. That’s why, you need to make sure not only that you can touch base with your hosting provider, but also that they can respond and assist you in a timely fashion. If a web application update doesn’t go as planned or if you erase something unintentionally, for example, the website must be restored promptly so as to prevent long downtime.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Shared Website Hosting

If you’re using any of our shared website hosting plans and you have an inquiry or come across a certain complication, you can touch base with us 24/7/365 by opening a trouble ticket or by writing an e-mail and we guarantee that you’ll get a reply in less than an hour. In case the issue can be resolved, we’ll do it before we respond to you, whilst if there’s something that you have to do on your end, we’ll give you all the necessary information – what settings to check, what possible solutions to try out, etc. Typically, you will get a response within maximum half an hour, so waiting around for hours or even for more than 1 day to receive support is something impossible. Our 60-minute reply time guarantee is valid for any enquiry that you may have – general, technical or billing.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers

We guarantee that if you submit a ticket via your web hosting Control Panel or write an email associated with your semi-dedicated server, you’ll obtain a response within only 1 hour. You can contact us whenever you need with regards to billing, technical or general matters and since we’re available to you 24x7, you’ll invariably get help in a timely manner. Based on the specific question or issue, we’ll provide you with more info, fix the obstacle if it has been caused by something within our reach or inform you what steps to take if you have to change a given setting for an Internet application that we cannot access. You can just forget about waiting for a whole day for every single reply. In fact, in most cases we answer tickets and emails within no more than twenty to twenty five minutes.